As a Writer, I Hate Being ADD

As a writer, I hate being ADD/ADHD.

It’s a rainy Sunday morning in Charlotte, which seems like it would be a perfect time to write (and so I am), correct?  But damn, I have so many ideas and thoughts running through my head on so many topics, the only one I can actually write about at the moment is how I can’t write about any of them!

My Brain Feels Like a Non-Stop Billiard Ball Table

An ADD/ADHD brain is like a table of billiard balls being broken.I’ve talked with a number of other people with ADD/ADHD over the years, and this seems to be a rather common feeling, whether one is taking medication or not, learned coping mechanisms or not, doesn’t seem to matter.  And as a writer, I absolutely HATE times like this: my brain is filled with so many thoughts about which I’d loved to write, but none of them coalesce into anything beyond the starting point.

  • In my dental office blog, I currently have 16 articles in various stages of being drafted, with the oldest having been started in 2013
  • Here in my personal blog, I have 19 articles in various stages of being drafted, with the oldest having also been started in 2013
  • I’ve probably started at least 30-40 additional articles, only to delete completely after months or years, knowing that they’d never get finished and I wasn’t even interested in them any more anyway.
  • I’ve been thinking about Gideon Rosenblatt’s terrific 2 posts (Part 1 and Part 2) on how the quality of engagement on Google+ has been decreasing over the last couple years.
  • I’ve read a few fascinating books in the last 6 months and would love to write about them, but so far I’ve only managed a review of one, and that was on my dental blog: Book Review: “The Death of Expertise” by Prof. Tom Nichols

And hell, I’m struggling to get this article any further, but given my recent track record, if I don’t finish it and click “Publish,” I can be fairly sure it will never get published. After all, the last article I published here was 10 months ago.

Well, screw it – the whole point of this little rant is that I can’t get anything written, so even though this is kind of lame as a rant/venting of frustration, it’s going to stop here and get published as evidence of the whole damn point.  When the hyperfocus hits, I get knock out a bunch of articles within a few weeks.  And then?  Then I can’t write anything for months at a time.  And it’s because of my ADD, and I hate it right now.   😕