A New Beginning


So I’m starting Blog #3.  And unlike either of my other 2 blogs, this one will be intensely and purely PERSONAL.  Yes, I will probably talk about some of the trials and triumphs of being a Charlotte dentist, as well as my efforts to educate my dental colleagues about dental digital photography, but honestly, there are a lot of other things I want to talk and blog about that simply don’t fit on either of those.  

So what will I blog about?  Well, given that I’m ADD, it could be just about anything!

  • Personal Development/Self-Improvement? Absolutely!  This is one of my favorite topics of all, and yes, I’ll talk about ADD, too.
  • Family? Definitely!  I am happily married with 2 amazing daughters and will share – but within limits. 
  • Business and financial success?  Oh yeah!  I’ve gone from being almost a total failure as a businessman to being quite successful and making a very good living
  • Faith?  Sure!  I don’t belong to any religion, and left Christianity many years ago, but I am a man of profound faith – just not the way most people think of faith
  • Science & Technology?  You bet!  This will be a perfect way for me to write stuff about being an Apple fanboy and get lots of Apple haters to give me lots of comments and drive a lot of traffic here, especially.  LOL  But I enjoy astronomy & cosmology, life sciences, physics (as long as there’s no actual math involved), and more.
  • Photography?  Most definitely!  I love photography and will talk general stuff about it and share stuff.  I do have a photography website that you can visit, too: www.CDPayetPhotography.com.
  • Health & Fitness?  Yup, some of that, too.  My doctor recently said my cholesterol was WAY too high, so I’m working hard on living better, eating better, exercising, and all that jazz.
  • Other Stuff? Probably I’ve left something off the list, so don’t think this list is definitive.  🙂