An Example of Why I Love Science

Quick post today, not really thought-provoking on my part, but a simple example of why I absolutely love science and am so grateful to be living in the times that we do.  And while the technology that you see in the video is not necessarily new, it is the merging of methodologies and technologies that is beginning that is so fascinating to me.  

3D Modeling and Printing With Your Hands

Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla Motors, Inc, the designer of the revolutionary Tesla Electric Car, which has been smashing stereotypes of what electric cars are like in function, performance, and design.  Most recently, he has been proposing some updated versions of new transport systems (initially proposed many years ago, but with modifications that may bring them closer to reality).

However, the following video caught my attention recently.  I completely understand that the basic technologies demonstrated are nothing new.  However, it is how Musk and ScienceX (among others, I’m sure) are putting it together initially, with the goal of one day making this kind of design work a reality.  


Just a little example of why science and technology fascinate me so much.  Yes, I know we have to be careful with it, and we must always examine the question of whether we SHOULD do something, not just if we CAN do something, but this……is just awesome!