Ever Feel a Little Overwhelmed? Yeah, Me too.

Feeling a Little Overwhelmed-Me, tooAnyone else ever look at your life like this?  Like you’re being overwhelmed and bombarded with stuff to do, people to talk to, projects to complete, tasks to mark off…….?  Well, this is sure how I’m feeling right about now.

How Much Can One Person Handle – WELL?

If you have followed any of my previous posts, you may have noticed that it’s been several months since my last article, and there’s a lot of good reasons for that.  One of those reasons, at least is pretty simple – this is a personal blog, so I get to write here only when I particularly feel moved to do so.  The other reasons, however, are all related to work.  And I should really capitalize that, like this: WORK!  In particular, all the work that I’ve been doing online for my dental practice Smiles by Payet Family Dentistry.  And it’s been a TON!  Honestly, just going to the office to do dentistry each day is feeling like the EASY part of my job right now. I mean, that’s pretty straightforward, and I’m (if I may humbly say so myself, a pretty damn good dentist.  But it’s all the OTHER parts of my job that are feeling so stressful right now.

Maybe you saw my article a few months ago about Mindfulness in a Busy Life, in which I talked about how important the practice of mindfulness can be a powerful way to manage the daily stresses of our busy lives.  Right now, I really need to work on taking my own advice!  Because as much as I like doing a lot of different things, and somehow find that I can usually do more than I used to believe possible, as I also talked about in my article about ADD: A Curse and a Gift, there is still a limit on what any individual can do, and I feel like I’m smacking up against that limit pretty hard.

The Web Offers So Much – How Much Do You Take and Give?

It’s kind of funny, really.  Just a few weeks ago, our family rented a cabin in the North Carolina mountains for some R&R right before the July 4th holiday.  It was a beautiful cabin, gorgeous view, quiet and peaceful, lousy internet connection (a good thing LOL), family…….just want the doctor ordered.  But when we returned, talk about a backlog!

Google+, Facebook, SEO (search engine optimization), local networking and planning events………seeing all the emergencies that needed to be seen, Twitter…….learning new tools like Social Oomph.com, Buffer.com, NOD3x.com, and Circlescope.com……. signing up for the Plus Your Business Academy Level 2/3, Hangout Mastery……keeping up with friends and family on social media…….creating new images for use across the web for branding and education……wanting to catch up on so many Hangouts on Air…….oh yeah, and then there’s the Chrysta Rae Photography Scavenger Hunt that I signed up for……..oh, and I have to get off the stupid computer a bit and actually spend time with my wife and daughters and dogs…….

Geez, I’m getting tired out just listing all of it, much less doing any of it.  Heck, shouldn’t I be working on some of those projects right now, instead of blogging about them and losing all this valuable time?  Yeah, probably.  But I’ve had that image floating around in my head for a few weeks now, and I simply HAD to finish it and get this off my chest.

Back to work, I guess.

IMG_2353Or maybe I’ll go take a nap instead?

Or maybe I’ll go beat the crap out of B.O.B in the garage for some stress relief.  That sounds pretty good.  🙂

How do you deal with too much to do?  It all needs to be done, right?  

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