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Changing My Reality – Starting Today

Have you ever had an experience that suddenly made you realize, it’s time to make a change NOW!?  Well, I’ve had a couple of these just this year.  I talked about the first one in the blog article I wrote in June 2013 for my Charlotte dental office blog, which had to do with learning […]

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What is Reality, Anyway?

 As a continuation of my last article regarding what we think and believe, I am often intrigued by the question of What is “Reality?”  Even deeper than that, Can we even know what “reality” is?  If so, how do we KNOW?   This common Internet meme seems to sum up the problem of just 1 set of […]

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Why Do You Think What You Think?

This is a topic that has fascinated me for a long time, as I am a fairly introspective person, by which I simply mean, “Why do I think what I think, and why do I think that what I think is right, and what others think is wrong?” This question is IMO particularly relevant when […]

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Paradox and Balance in Life

How does one create and sustain balance in life?  And what does it really mean to live a “balanced” life?  Is it merely existing in a state of moderation in what you choose, or does it require something more? And do ALL things in life require balance, i.e. be “Fair and Balanced” like Fox News […]

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