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Dead Poets Society 2

Good-bye Oh Captain, My Captain

Back in the summer of 1997, between my Junior and Senior years of high school at Brandywine HS in Wilmington, DE, I was preparing to head to Germany for a 7-week summer exchange program with AFS, the American Field Service.  And the night before I left, I went to watch a movie that may well […]

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Ever Feel a Little Overwhelmed? Yeah, Me too.

Anyone else ever look at your life like this?  Like you’re being overwhelmed and bombarded with stuff to do, people to talk to, projects to complete, tasks to mark off…….?  Well, this is sure how I’m feeling right about now. How Much Can One Person Handle – WELL? If you have followed any of my […]

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To Be Grateful

Do you ever take the time to be grateful for all the blessings in your life?  No…….not just a passing moment and saying, “Yeah, of course I am.”  I mean……do you take the time to really STOP and FEEL GRATITUDE throughout your entire being?  To feel the depths of thankfulness and appreciation and gratitude for […]

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The Art of Mindfulness in a Busy Life

What is Mindfulness? In simplest terms, mindfulness is that state of Being, in which one is deeply and fully present in each moment.  Or as the saying goes, “Stopping to smell the roses.” But really……what does that MEAN? Most People Live Life Deeply Unconscious How many of these scenarios sound familiar? You’ve eaten a meal so fast, […]

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Book Review: “Thinking, Fast & Slow” by Daniel Kahneman

[Update] Much of This Has Been Called Into Question I don’t have time to look at rewriting the whole article right now, but if anyone does come across this, I think it is important to link an article that describes how much of this field has been called into question.  Please read the article and […]

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What Do You REALLY Want?

What Does It Take to Be Successful? The topic of “success” is one that fascinates me, largely because achieving success in business was unbelievably difficult for me, and I had to learn a lot, and change a lot about myself in the process.  Why are some people successful and others, who may have had greater […]

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Being ADD has advantages

ADD: A Curse and Gift

Sometimes I Wish I Didn’t Like So Many Things When I began to learn what it meant to be ADD (diagnosed in 2004 at age 33), I thought what it mostly meant that I was easily distracted, sometimes had trouble learning details, etc.  But what I WASN’T expecting, was to learn that being ADD is […]

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Leaving Facebook? Inconceivable! Or Maybe Not?

A little over one week ago, I made the decision to stop spending ANY time on Facebook, and it’s been both a challenging and a rewarding decision.  Admittedly, I haven’t actually deleted my account yet, nor even inactivated it; for the moment, I’ve simply deleted the account and all apps (including Messenger) from my iPhone, […]

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Roni of

Inspiration: Beauty in Words & Spirit

This will be the first in what I hope will be a long series about the people who’ve inspired me, mentored me, or in some powerful way, touched my life.  It is my hope that you may also find some inspiration in these stories. I’m not talking about physical beauty in this post, although the […]

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In this photo, I'm using about $80,000 worth of technology.  You want cheap dentistry?  Then you can't have a dentist with modern technology.

Are Dentists Greedy Scumbags?

This post is a deeply personal one about my profession, which I very much love, but which is often demonized in the press and in the public, and which is often perceived as nothing more than a bunch of greedy scumbags.  It’s not often that we dentists get to present our side, and while I’ve […]

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