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Challis Lake sunset

Why Photography?

On a recent family trip, I was asked by my 14yo niece, Sophie, why I love taking pictures..  While I don’t think she quite “got” my answer, as is kind of typical for a 14yo entering that stage of “knowing-it-all-and-adults-are-kinda-dumb” stage, it seemed like a good post topic.  Most photographers probably feel much the same […]

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Paradox and Balance in Life

How does one create and sustain balance in life?  And what does it really mean to live a “balanced” life?  Is it merely existing in a state of moderation in what you choose, or does it require something more? And do ALL things in life require balance, i.e. be “Fair and Balanced” like Fox News […]

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So What’s With the Squirrel?

  If you know anyone with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), you know that they tend to get distracted easily, right?  You may have even heard someone tease, “So I was working on this project the other day, and……..oh look, a squirrel!”   Or maybe, “We were having this awesome conversation about saving humani…….wow, look at the shiny ring!”  […]

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