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I'm a husband, father of 2 amazing daughters, rescuer of 2 dogs, dentist, photographer, person with ADD (attention deficit disorder), and someone who loves learning and sharing.

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How doyou practicemusic while beingADHD-

ADD & Learning to Play Piano Again

Music has Always Been Part of My Life My Mom is a classically trained concert pianist who gave local recitals and has long played for the different churches attended by my parents; my Dad sang in the shower to spare the rest of us.  LOL. There was almost always music playing in our home.  I started […]

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the whole problem

So Much to Write About, But Where to Start?

Back in April of 2017, I published the first article on this blog in almost a year: As a Writer, I Hate Being ADD.  In it, I mentioned that there are 19 blog article drafts in the Drafts section of this blog and 16 for the dental office, and how I hate having so much […]

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I hate being ADD sometimes

As a Writer, I Hate Being ADD

It’s a rainy Sunday morning in Charlotte, which seems like it would be a perfect time to write (and so I am), correct?  But damn, I have so many ideas and thoughts running through my head on so many topics, the only one I can actually write about at the moment is how I can’t […]

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Why Did I Come Out as an Atheist?

There is No God In my recent post Evolution of an Atheist, I described my life journey from being a devout Christian to being an avowed and “out” atheist.  Since then, I have posted atheistic/agnostic content somewhat more frequently on my social media outlets, but it’s still not something that I focus on extensively.  Whether […]

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aka Have Lots of Backups, Including Off-site As of 5/24/16, you can skip to the end for the happy ending.   😀  After all of these years as a photographer and computer user; after 2 total server failures at my office; after other hard drive failures, you would THINK that I would have executed a more […]

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Evolution of an Atheist

This article has been roiling around my brain for a few years, and it’s time to write it, as several people have recently asked me some questions about it.  It’s the story of how I became an atheist – something I never could have imagined when I was younger.  Sit back with a good cup […]

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pageviews organic article

Social Media & Web Success (Part 2)

How Do I Define “Success?” Part 2 of my series on success in social media and the web will address the question(s) of: Setting goals or a vision for your online presence Defining what results equal success for those goals or that vision and then measuring to see if you achieved them or failed to […]

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website views

Social Media & Web Success (Part 1)

Reach Beyond Your Comfort Zone First a disclaimer: I am not a social media, SEO, or website expert.  I’m simply a dentist who has worked hard over the last 6 years to learn out of necessity and the drive to succeed.  Therefore, buyer beware, past results do not guarantee future performance, you get what you […]

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logical fallacies

For the Love of Learning

It’s a Sunday morning in early March, 2015, and I’m sitting in a huge lecture auditorium with 30 dental colleagues at the Spear Education Center in Scottsdale, AZ, learning about advancements in digital dentistry, CAD/CAM, occlusion, and esthetics.  Not only is it a Sunday morning, I’m paying a fair amount of money to do this, […]

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ADD/ADHD? You Need Evernote!

A quick note on one of my favorite topics: getting organized!  As anyone with ADD/ADHD knows, organizing information is incredibly difficult.  As someone with a wide range of interests in philosophy, martial arts, critical/skeptical thinking, family trips, social media, and everything associated with my profession of dentistry, I spend a lot of time online and […]

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